Catch The Fire DFW
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Catch the Fire DFW is a community of Jesus followers committed to revival cultivated and sustained in the context of healthy relationships. Our priority is God's presence. Our aim is to see earthly reality transformed by heaven's influence.

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    Marah: Bitter or Better?

    David Hick shares a message to help us apply the cross to bitterness in our hearts.

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    Gifts Are For Giving

    Guest speaker Charmaine Hicks challenges us to answer the call and steward the gifts of God in our lives.

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    The Glory That Excels

    Elder Jon Pignatelli brings a word from 2 Corinthians 3 about the Glory of God.

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    Be Life

    Pastor Tammy Silvas shares a message about Life and bearing the fruit in our church and community.

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    Guest Speaker: Dustin Parker

    Hear from elder Dustin Parker about what God is doing in a season of transition at Catch the Fire DFW

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